Running A Goldmine

Ken Pavlich, former general manager at a Nevada Gold mine, walks us through the process of getting Gold out of the ground and into the market.  Ken oversaw the entire process from scouting out and founding new mine sites to the final refinement.  Today he sits down with North and Clark to talk about what it's like to pull gold out of the ground in the middle of the desert.

Photos by: Lachlan Hardy and Milena Mihaylova


  1. What an info-packed interview. Fascinating. I'm looking at my wedding ring with new respect.
    Also, after hearing the decision-hierarchy at the end, I'm looking at mining with new respect.

  2. Great topic! With the upsurge in gold prices in the last 5 years I've heard more and more stories related to the whole deal, but this is another layer to add to that. I'd read a year or so ago about some folks in California that have begun taking up panning for gold like the olden days to help make ends meet. I always wondered if they rediscovered veins in old mines with new technology so that aspect was interesting to hear.

  3. It's totally a fascinating to me. I expect I will put up something contrasting Brazilian mining with mining here in the U. S. Ken, of course, was mining before Gold and other commodity prices had their big jump.

    Charles, you're right about rediscovery and going back to old mines. I think some of it has to do with money while some of it is just having a group with the money and time to dig some more holes and study their contents.



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