Money, Hitmen, Brazil, Explosives and Emeralds

Emerald mining is a business fraught with international intrigue and explosions as professor and anthropologist Brian Brazeal explains.

"If anybody tries to take my mine I'll shoot em'."
See part 2 tomorrow


  1. I find Brian's observations on how the emerald trade functions better with small entrepreneurs very prescient given the state of certain foibles in our own economy. History seems to bear out that having more choices and keeping anything from becoming "too big to fail" only helps an economy, whether that economy be based on colored stones or other things.

  2. I was interested and a little frightened by Brian's discussion of the Emerald Trade. He talks with some measure of bravado, but it really sounds like the wild west down there.

    To Charles point, I think power and money are corrupting forces. When the power and money is spread around there is less force to be corrupt with.



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