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No podcast today, but here is what you can look forward to:

7/11 Saturday Who's gonna save the world from toxic computers of days gone by? Saturday we talk to Willie Cade, the man whose company aims to save humanity from your dad's 286.

7/15 Wednesday If someone is going to cure brain cancer, or identify the DNA of killer from a crime seen they're gonna need to take a close look at a lot of human cells and the proteins within them. Wednesday I interview Zach Feiger about what it is like to manipulate and explore tiny tiny things that make up the human body.


  1. Is this gentleman a biologist by trade? I'd be curious what his take is on the influence that meta or nanotechnology has and will have in human cellular study and repair now and in the decades to come.

  2. I will make sure I ask him, I should be talking to Zach this weekend.



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