Studying Cancer, Flourecent Cells and the Life of a Research Tech

Zach's job involves the tiny tiny proteins that move human cells.  He stops by North and Clark to tell us about his work, and why its important to make proteins glow in the dark.

"You shine this infrared light on the whole body and the (cancer cells) light up."


  1. Hope you enjoy today's podcast I had a lot of fun talking to Zach and it was hard for me to cut this down to 15 minutes.

    There will be a second mini-podcast tomorrow where Zach talks specifically on nano-tech. This second segment was inspired by a question from frequent commenter Charles.

    Thanks for listening.

  2. Thanks for shining light (fluorescent) on a topic that's often hard to keep up with. Both of you, provided great examples and metaphors to make it clear as day.

  3. Thanks, some of the stuff is pretty obscure and it is hard to keep it easy to understand, and engaging. Also, Zach is full of ideas and this podcast could easily have been 10 minutes longer I just didn't want it to be too intimidating.



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