Nanotech (Mini-Podcast)

My other headline was:
A Research Tech on Nanotech; Minipodcast with Zach Feiger

This Mini-Podcast was inspired by frequent commenter Charles. His question (for biology Research Tech Zach Feiger) on Nanotechnology lead to the edited discussion which appears below.

This is the second of two interviews with Zach Feiger the first is available here


  1. Thank you for airing my question. You get access to some extremely intriguing guests. It was interesting to hear how the whole nano-deal has yet to really affect the bio-divisions. The stories Mr. Feiger shared about the carbon-tube construction are the ones I've picked up on most. While I didn't expect the self-repairing robots just yet, I hadn't heard nearly as much about how nano was or wasn't affecting the bio sciences and getting his insight was nice. It seems to be doing gangbusters in the more mundane fields designing super-strong building materials. Of course, the internet has become this all-encompassing thing in our lives and it started out as a more mundane thing too - an easy porn transport system. ;)

  2. Nothing mundane about super strong materials, or porn transport for that matter. It was an exciting track for the conversation to take and it was a million miles from what I would have naturally started with. Self repairing robots is kind of all I had heard about, and I only had the most Michael Chrichton influenced sense of it.

    I Hope we can get Zach around more again he has something of a passion for parasites (yes, that is weird I know), and when he talks about them the stories are scary and fascinating.

  3. I've heard there is a parasite museum (Japan I think). Wild, no?



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