The Power of the $150 Computer

Willie Cade and the people who work at PCRR are looking to bridge the digital divide, save the environment and get your old computer out of you attic. Just how they plan on doing that is explained in the interview below.

Interview with Willie Cade Part 1

Interview with Willie Cade Part 2

download here

"I actually believe that every student should have a computer at home and one at school. It actually turns out to be cheaper to provide two refurbished computers than one new laptop."

If you want to learn more about PCRR, Willie Cade and E-waste you should check out check out friend of the site Amy Cade's blog on sustainable electronics.


  1. Great post. A business that gets kids off the streets and into jobs fixing our environmental messes. America could definitely use more of this!

  2. I loved your questions!

    Even I have a computer stored that I need to give to my dad! Such a relevant issue!

  3. Thanks for the love guys.

    I try to keep it conversational and fun -- with Willie Cade that is pretty easy. What's tough is trying to figure out what to cut.



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