Bing Using Google Ads?

This afternoon I was astonished to find an ad for Bing in the Google Adsense Ads on my website.

When Microsoft launched Bing its search engine the target was clear. Bing is Microsoft's attempt to take some of Google huge share of the search market. It would seem like a conflict of interest for Google to take ads from its direct competitor, but I just saw one myself on this very site.

This may be a cagey move by Microsoft to use Google's own product against them. It's certainly not a strategy I have ever seen before. If instead of tech companies we were talking about entertainment this would be like Coke placing ads on Pepsi Cans or CBS shows being advertised on Fox.

I will try to update this story if I get more information.

Image Credit: logos are property of Google and Microsoft respectively


  1. Whatever, Bing suck Google owns them. This just proves they're desperate.

  2. I prefer Google also, but I am surprised they would let a direct competitor use their ad service.



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