Beer Man, House Brewer, and Homebrewer: Larry Coble

Long time house brewer for Brew and Grow, Larry Coble talks homebrew, history and hops from a seat next to four five-gallon carboys of brewing beer.


  1. Hi Casey! I just came from Site Sketch 101 where you wrote a guest post so I came here to check out your site. And I was wondering if this particular post comes with a podcast because the link redirects to an online store only.

    I'm gonna check out your other posts now. Take care!

  2. Isis an online store? Jeeze I don't know what that is about there should be audio right up on the site if you are looking for a podcast you can always find me on itunes under North and Clark or Casey Brazeal.

  3. Oh, that link to brew and grow is the store that Larry works at just scroll down for podcasts.



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