Allow Me to Re-Introduce Myself

This post will cover murderous crack addicts, benign Bouncers, and the ego of a graffiti writer, if you want to skip to the crack heads just play the audio.

Good Morning this is Casey Brazeal for North and Clark. An interview blog that "holds a microphone to Chicagoans who don't often make the media spotlight" (Gapers Block). I am writing this page because I have been getting a lot of new visitors lately and also been seeing some traffic from Site Sketch 101, where I recently wrote an article. If you've never been here before enjoy, if you have think of this like a clip show or Christmas special.

Full Interview

This comes from anthropologist, emerald enthusiast, and my brother Professor Brian Brazeal. The experiences and world Brian talks about in our interview is so distant from anything I have heard about from anyone else -- I had to feature some of his audio here.

Full Interview

Peter Chavez got a scholarship to college through Graffiti, that's not a misprint. He's a graphic designer now. Peter and I sat down at the Borders on Michigan Avenue and talked about his life for an hour, I could have easily stayed for three.

Full Interview

Finally this is a re-edited version of one of my first interviews with my favorite bouncer Dan Jerez. He's a big man with a gentle touch, and the dude-bros of Wrigleyville are lucky to have him. Even if he is dragging them out into the street.

There are new interviews up on the site every week and posts when the mood strikes. The podcast is on itunes, @northandclark is on twitter, and I'm in Chicago. We'll be in touch.


  1. Hi Casey. Nice to meet you, my name is Cynthia. I just read your article on Site Sketch 101. Your brother has an interesting job. I just subscribed to your podcast on Itunes.

  2. Thank's Cynthia. I love talking to guys and girls who have interesting jobs and people with good stories. I try and post a new interview every week.

  3. Hey Casey,

    I'm looking forward to seeing more posts from you! Your article on SiteSketch101 is a great article, and I can't wait to read more here on your blog home.

    Keep up the great work, Casey!


  4. Thanks a bunch Jay. I like your site too. I hope this niche is interesting to you. I find hearing people talk about their worlds from their perspectives to be the best way to get any story, hence, interviews.



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