Let's Play Two

We're still obsessed with rainouts. There has been a mountain of stuff written about the up coming Cubs Sox series, I wanted to make my own soggy day prediction.

Because today was rained out there is now the possibility of a double header, and while this may mean less money for bouncers, a double header may be good for the White Sox.

Though it pains me to say it as a White Sox fan, I think the Cubs have the better team.  Their starting staff is formidable and their lineup, while under performing, is also better than the Sox.  If there is a phase of the game that favors the White Sox it is relief pitching.  The White Sox have four legitimate big inning pitchers in their pen while the Cubs have two. 

More Innings More Relief

In a double header this advantage could mean the difference in the two games.  Relief is always an important part of baseball, but the importance of good relief is magnified in the pressure cooker of a double header, if you can’t depend on a number of different guys to take the ball a manager can find himself in tough situation.  Their are more innings to cover and so a manager needs a deeper pen.  Without a solid start a double header can turn into a long day for a team with weak relief.  

In the final measure what will really make the difference is how the players play on the day they get this game in, but if you're a White Sox fan you might want em' to play two.

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