Big Weekend

Three things North and Clark is excited about this weekend:
  1. H for Hombre, my band, preforming live this Saturday
  2. UFC 98
  3. Cobalt and the Hired Guns live at Shuba's this Sunday
Casey Brazeal

North and Clark has got love for all these guys so we are going to celebrate them in the following ways:

First, the Hombre show is a private gig, but if you, gentle reader, want to come write a comment below or contact the boys in the band, and we will make sure we get your name on the list. It's on the west side at Avers and Fullerton at about 8:30.

Second, we who write for North and Clark love the UFC, but know precious little about it. So, we called in our long time supporter (can you be a long time supporter of something that has existed for a month?) and general homie Elias Cepeda from in to do a preview (posted in a couple hours). You will see a longer interview with Elias on Wednesday.

Third, we got a great response to the first interview with Tom Fort so I put together a little mini clip of some of Tom's thoughts (Post Saturday) on metal for all you Cobalt heads, or Metal heads, or podcast heads.

It's a Holiday weekend folks enjoy yourselves.

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